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International Order of Rocky Mountain Goats

iStock_000007189179XSmall.jpgCurrently under the management in the Rocky Mountain National Park, when Rocky Mountain Goats enter the park they are either removed or killed because they are not native species. They are native species in Colorado but not in the Rocky Mountain National Park. How can this be?

This is an issue that should concern all our members.

We should be able to do something about this! And we are.

Our organization understands this is one of our most important issues. If you have important information on this topic please contact us.

Thank you for your support.

Information on Goat research related to this can be found below:

 Paper Description 
 National Park Service History on RMG Policy The NPS did not just declare the RMG as non-native without some evidence. This paper describes how that judgement was made and why.
Devil In A White Coat Good DOW article describing how the RMG was declared native.
Colorado DOW Resolution Declaring RMG as Native The official decision signed by the Colorado DOW
Evidence of RMG in Colorado Prior to 1948 Great evidence showing the RMG is native and was hunted to extinction.
Legal findings regarding Colorado RMG protection Laws pertaining to the RMG going back to the late 1800s.

Oreamnos in Colorado

Paleontological evidence for the RMG in Colorado.








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